About CRD


Hi! Welcome to the Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks website. It will be 24 years this year since I named my business Chasing Rainbows. I thought it was so appropriate at the time. I had heard about rainbow dyeing, multi-colored dyeing, and was fascinated with the idea. I couldn't wait to start mixing colors to see all the combinations I would get.

Dyeing was not always my focus. I had learned how to knit when I was 7, then how to sew as a teen-ager. When I was about 17, the owner of my LYS took me under her wing and taught me how to knit in the Continental style. I never looked back. I was a Textiles major in college, but because weaving was in the art department and I had a huge credit load my senior year, I audited weaving after I graduated. I supplemented my income by weaving scarves for the Christmas season. 

Around the time I met my husband, Dave, I decided to go back one more step and learn to spin. I bought my first wheel at Clemes & Clemes in Pinole. We moved to Mendocino County where I took spinning for a semester at the local community college. I had purchased dyes at Straw Into Gold and started buying local wool, spinning, dyeing and making finished garments which I sold at craft fairs.

This venue provided a pivotal moment for my business: a young girl was looking at some silk/wool roving that I had dyed but not yet spun. She wanted to buy it. I inquired if she spun. She didn't. When I asked her what she was going to do with it, she said "Look at it." It startled me into realizing that I could make a separate business out of selling the dyed fiber to those who wanted to make their own yarn, as well as the yarn that I was already dyeing.

The name Chasing Rainbows popped into my head. There's a line in an old song that goes "I'm always chasing rainbows,……" I couldn't resist!

Enjoy the website! I plan to be chasing rainbows for years to come!


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