Dye Workshops May 13 2014

I've been teaching dye workshops for a number of years, now, can't remember how many. (uh oh) They have morphed and evolved, but pretty much stay the same: the first day consists of making a color wheel by measuring out mixtures of "primary" colors to get secondaries or purple, green and orange. These secondaries are in 8 steps from red/blue to blue/red, red/orange to yellow/orange and yellow/green to blue/green. Then, to tone the colors, the missing primary is added to each secondary, thus making it a tertiary color. The next step is to add black to the secondaries to shade them. In the most recent workshops, we did some other fun samples by mixing yellow and black to get some interesting greens, did the gray scale by diluting black and mixing colors that are really already mixed.

The second day is spent putting all this work and amazing colors to work. I've included some photos. The workshop in February was at Pacific Textile Arts in Fort Bragg. The 2 in March were at my studio. The plan for the future is to continue to have workshops on a somewhat regular basis, except for perhaps the summer. This is a busy time as I'm getting ready for the County Fair and the California National Wool Show. More on that later.

Here are some photos:

Now I'll explain: The second photo is of the students. The third photo is a color inspiration one of the students brought with, and the colors from the color wheel created on the first day. The dye samples are to match colors from the inspiration and pull out color formulae to reproduce the inspiration. The first photo is fleece dyed with these formulae, the fourth, the dyed fleece. This exercise was a huge success!