Getting started! January 19 2014

 Well! It's been a long time coming, fits and starts. Distractions abound and I was not immune to tons of them. But now we are up and I plan to be blogging here lots. 

Just to give you an idea of what to expect, I think it's really important to educate as well as provide product. I will be talking about fibers and their properties, different spinning techniques, and dyes.

Since that's foremost on my mind right now, I'll mention that after 25 years of using Lanaset dyes, I've been exploring other acid dyes. So far I've tried Greener Shades and now am playing with Jaquard dyes. There were a few issues with the Greener Shades Dyes on which I will elaborate at another time.

The Jaquards, so far are very enticing! I chose 3 yellow/golds, 3 blue/turquoise and 6 (!) reds. So the mixing possibilities are practically endless. Not only will you see those combos, but I will also be adding the missing "primary" to tone the colors (e.g. yellow mixed with blue, then adding a bit of red), but I'll be adding bits of black to shade colors. I love having the deeper, more complex colors along with the lighter and brighter ones. It adds such dimension to a color way and makes the eye move. Color is food for the soul!! Stay tuned…...